Publication Design

“Design is thinking made visual.”

Publication Design Zürich


Publication design are Magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and other periodicals all fall within the umbrella of publication design. Thousands of periodicals are published each year in Switzerland alone, and other countries are equally invested in their own periodicals.

Categories include news, business, travel, retail, entertainment and fashion, and these publications are distributed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Each periodical strives for a unique identity, and the elements that provide this uniqueness are a blend of photography, typography, and continuity from page to page. In terms of design, a newspaper or newsletter might stress utility of reading, whereas a magazine will stress creative interpretation of each story.

Now that most publications have both a print and online presence, designers have to consider how their designs will function in both platforms. A particular printed font may not work well online, or a sequence of images in print may not present themselves in the same way on the screen.

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